Stunning silence

I always maintained that the best time to wander down to Lyme Regis was in February and March. Quiet enough without the tourists but starting to warm up. The silver lining of the lock down (if there can be one) is that Lyme Regis is as calm as the winter months but with the light and beauty of early June.

Whilst my wife Leigh, is the talent behind the Jurassic Soap Kitchen creations, I (husband Duncan - hello) try to bring them to the website. Lock down has enabled us to spend a little more time photographing the range and you will notice improvements (I hope) with a move to a simpler drift wood and pebble theme.

I regard collecting drift wood as a public service - it was wet and a bit heavy though also miles from the car. You can see it up close in our new bath bomb collection.

An early visit to Lyme, when rules permitted, found us on the beach heading east towards Black Venn. The land above what is now beach was a local tip in the past and the beach is strewn with old farming tools and rusty iron. That's not a great sell, but at low tide the beach gives a new view to Lyme Bay, and at very low tide it is strewn with layers of Blue Lias exposed.

I managed to take a couple of photos that I wanted to share with you, I love them............

It's not a pretty shot, it will never be used to sell the town but, to be alone on the beach in June with a low low tide is quite unique and the silence was stunning.

We have lived in East Devon since 2002 and initially both worked in Lyme Regis. I have never caught the tide this low as such have never seen this tree. I see a creature from middle earth with its tail leading you out to the horizon.

An alternative view of Lyme Regis - hope you enjoyed.