Our First Wholesale catalogue

We have had a busy spring, lock-down for all it's issues has brought people to our website and we were really excited to introduce our products to so many new people. Notably we also had a good few enquiries from people wanting to re-sell our products and whether we did a wholesale range.

Initially we dismissed the idea, margins are tight enough and as a small batch producer we do not buy the ingredients or packaging is sufficient quantities as to save money. However as the summer has drawn on we have had time to assess the costs, our plans and the need build the business further. A wholesale idea was born.

Photography for the website had taken Mr C from kitchen table to the full blown conversion of the spare room so that was him gone for a month, new photographs

of our range started to appear and work started on costing and building a wholesale range.

We have had to re-think how we might package some of the more fragile items, like bath bombs and shower steamers but after a few tests, the final design choices were made.

A Wholesale Page was added to the website at the end of July 2020. I am confident it will undergo many updates. We encourage feedback from potential customers and it will change as we discover how this brave new world works.

Beyond that nothing has changed, Jurassic Soap Kitchen will still be selling online and at shows, making small batch craft soaps and bathroom projects. We'll make bigger batches when asked, but always concentrate on the quality.