Off to the fayre

With 2020 fayre and show program all but written off, as I write this, I thought it would be fun to remember how we set off, on the road in 2019 for our first shows.

Leigh was keen that our show stand should centre around an old roll top bath. This would fit into the back of our car and would make an eye catching focus to the display. I am fairly confident that many of you can see where this is going already.

A trip to Torquay followed an advert on Gumtree. No problem it seemed, the bath was in situ on the first floor of this partly redecorated Edwardian terrace and maybe we could bring it down?. 'My back has gone' explained the man of the house.

140Kg this thing weighed, and to be honest at this point we still hadn't handed over the cash and really, we should have made our excuses and made a mad dash for the door. (Leigh and I had a pub for many years - I measure everything in lager kegs, that's nearly 3 full kegs)

'No problem' I heard myself say, we'll manage. ('Arse') I thought.

Half an hour later and with some of the newly decorated stairway scuffed we made it the base of the stairs.

The hallway and lower floor of the house was covered by a newly laid laminate floor. Nasty cracking sounds were heard and instantly dismissed as we rested it end up before the final push.

To cut a long story short, the bath is now a flower bed at home.

It makes a lovely flower bed and will stay here long after we're gone.

The search moved onto a tin bath, a nice light tin bath that could tidied up, painted and moved with ease from show to show.

A shower curtain was designed to form the back drop to the stand and to give us somewhere to hide our sandwiches.

Shelving came from some packing cases and various hooks, taps and pipework added to complete the look.

We're really pleased with the result, it's compact and portable and we can rock up to any craft fayre and show off a bit.

First a couple of indoor shows at local craft fayres then we ventured onto larger country shows. The display works well showing off the range of soaps and bath bombs, allowing people to take in the full aroma.

The Donkey Sanctuary Summer fayre and our local Axe Vale Show found us needing help from our elder daughter Lauren.

Having two people on the stand is a must, we like to talk to as many people as possible but to be practical we also need to make a few sales!

As you see the stall expands to fit bigger spaces, especially useful for the Axe Vale show as it was for 2 days.

We were please to win winner of best small stall. A cup we still hold due to this year's show being cancelled.

We hope to make it to the Christmas Shows for 2020 but will have to wait and see if Boris says it's OK.

We have booked into the big Exeter Christmas Fayre at the West Point Show Ground so I should be spending the autumn building up stock levels and planning new gift ideas.

We would love to see you at one of the shows in the west country. We keep them listed on our Facebook page so have a look and please say hi.