2020 and all that.

As the year draws to a close, it is worth reflecting on the madness of it all. Brexit alone had my attention, not least because all our products are registered on an EU portal (as required by Law) and will all have to be re-registered on a UK portal.

Covid 19 however was to make an impact that we did not expect. I (Duncan, husband) was put on furlough, like so many others on April 1st. After a few weeks of drifting I found I had a great deal more time to concentrate on Leigh's now growing soap business. Blogs were written, photo set ups became more professional and we were able to dedicate more time to Facebook and Instagram.

We started to place paid for advertising posts onto Facebook, backed up by more regular postings. Whilst we had taken orders through our website shop before, they were infrequent and sometimes only limited to supportive friends and family.

An order each day seemed a bit far fetched but by April the pace had picked up and a day without an order was now unusual. By mid May I remember our first trip to the post office with 10 parcels thinking we had reached our peek. More was to come.

This thrust in our online sales was of course driven by the closure of all non essential shops and indeed we saw it as a replacement for the income from spring and summer shows we were missing. As the year drifted on, autumn and then Christmas shows fairs were cancelled and it was clear that with our concession shut in Seaton, our online shop was all that was left.

I don't want to get at all political, of course we both new the horror of the bigger picture but for the moment our lemons made lemonade, and in the late spring sunshine it was very refreshing.

The summer however saw the country open up a little and as people left their phones and laptops behind to explore the world again, orders dropped and we took a little break from the daily inputs into Facebook. The break was a relief for Leigh, who as well as being the engine driver for the soap business has a full time job, besides Boris was warning of Autumn and Winter lock downs and we new with Christmas we were going to be busy.

Oh Boy, mid November we were at full pelt. Each day saw Leigh return from work to start making products,

while I wrapped and packaged the orders. 10 parcels a day now seemed the norm and we were starting to get to know the Post Office girls by name as queues developed behind us.

Over 480 orders were dispatched since Lockdown started and 282 of those were in the 5 weeks before last Christmas posting. Quite a boost for our little business.

Wholesale orders too started to arrive and so we branched into using courier services for the first time. Our concession opened after the November lockdown and was selling out weekly during December. Christmas came none to soon and a relaxing day with the girls was very welcome.

Thanks to you all for your support and here's to a less locked in 2021.

Happy New year from us all at Jurassic Soap Kitchen.

Left to Right:

Charlie and Lauren (Tech & Marketing Dept)

Duncan - Photos, Dispatch & Accounts

Leigh - Founder and maker of everything lovely.

Steph - Midlands office.